Quality Policy

We declare our commitment to impartiality in carrying out our verification activities, to the management of conflicts of interest and to guarantee the objectivity of our verification activities of real scale wind blade, pursuant to The scheme IECRE-RECTF and to ISO/IEC17025:2017, as well as for the confidentiality of the information we become aware of and more generally our commitment to always operate with full and absolute lawfulness, seriousness, professionalism and reliability.

Code of Ethics

Our company is committed to ensuring that all of us, at all levels, scrupulously and diligently respect the laws and regulations, in the name of anethically correct behavior, promoting the culture for which success is not the result of unethical behavior. This is a solemn commitment to the institutions, the Communities, the Community, Our Members, and to ourselves, as well as to our Families who are confident in the honest success of our Organization.


In 2023, Bladeworks successfully completed RECTF Stage 4 in Blade Testing according with IECRE scheme. IECRE