One Shot Blade technology

Manufacturing process

Rotor blades manufactured by Bladeworks are the product of a single infusion. The whole process is carried out in a completely closed mould. Glass fibre or carbon fibre are wrapped all around the rotor blade profile thus guaranteeing the highest possible strength, in particular by means of cross elements integrated by the manufacturing process. Blades manufactured in this way display no splices or joints.


The blades feature highest material quality and ruggedness. Six robots carry out the most critical steps where repetitiveness and precision are called for. Bladeworks alone is able to produce rotor blades of any type, any width or length, with or without winglets, and in all cases seamless. The same holds true for turbine casings. With regard to colour and surface finish, all options are possible. Thus bearings and the implementation of any connection variant can be realized with the robots.

Quality control

Laser placement ensures the precise implementation of the lamination process according to the technical specifications. Human error can be excluded to a great extent during the entire lamination process. The sum of these unique technology steps in combination with the use of robots gives the company a big lead in technology keeping it far ahead of its competitors. Bladeworks supplies rotor blades of highest quality internationally. The One Shot Blade® process does not require any bonding or expensive reworking.