Cartflow is the leader company in the production of wind turbine blades thanks to the new One Shot Blade® technology.

Cartflow was established by the experience of the entrepreneur Eng. Angelo D'Ettore, still in charge of the organization, and his group of close associates, technicians and skilled workers, working together for the production of manufactures of composite material. The team has produced in the past several hulls for luxury yachts with lenghts up to 110 feet, as well as sophisticated offshore racing boats.

In 2008, the company has diversified the business using the experience and the know-how approaching new industrial sectors, including renewable energies.

In 2015, Cartflow transfers its operating branch and IP assets to Bladeworks, remaining as commercial brand.

Thanks to the long-lasting collaboration with the University of Naples "Federico II" and thanks to the know-how and the experience of the company, Cartflow is quickly becoming the leader in the production of wind turbine blades, with a new process called One Shot Blade®.

The organic structure, the friendly atmosphere and the strong attention to innovation, research and creativity are the strong points of the organization.