Blade name Length Bolt hole diameter Rated power
WB060-0.06 6.0 m 400 mm 60 kW
WB080-0.06 8.0 m 400 mm 60 kW
CFC-60 8.4 m 450 mm 60 kW
CFE-60 9.7 m 500 mm 60 kW
CFS-60 11 m 625 mm 60 kW
120-0.6 12 m 500 mm 60 kW
134-0.2 13.4 m 700 mm 200 kW
CFB 200 15 m 850 mm 200 kW
170-0.2 17 m 700 mm 200 kW

Cartflow manufactures rotor blades in a one-step process in a closed mould. Trunk, body, outer skin and inner structures are all produced at the same time.

The One Shot Blade ® technology does away with tolerances that remain an issue with conventional processes which are based on gluing together previously installed cross members or reinforcing elements.

As a closed body is created there is no danger of micro-cracks or leaks. Water cannot get in. Protection against lightning is also enhanced. The Cartflow One Shot Blade ® technology enables significantly more production cycles per mould to be implemented compared to conventional production.